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So during the course of my fanfic research i started to think alot about the politics and economics of Pacific Rim….wait don’t stop reading! I know It sounds boring but I promise you its really fascinating.

Lets start with one of my favorite examples. Lets talk about how the Anti-Kaiju Wall of Life and FDR’s New deal are actually the same thing. For people unfamiliar with the new deal it was a plan put forth to help end the great depression in the United States between 1933 and 1936. I hate to quote Wikipedia here but they put it very simply and succinctly when talking about the “Three R’s” of the New Deal.

Relief, Recovery, and Reform. That is Relief for the unemployed and poor; Recovery of the economy to normal levels; and Reform of the financial system to prevent a repeat depression

The world during the Kaiju war would have many similarities with the USA during the Great Depression. For one thing people would start to wander away from the coasts for safety reasons. The areas near the ocean would become ghost towns. These wandering people would be looking for work much like people who traveled from place to place during the Dustbowl. There would be breadlines everywhere. People displaced by Kaiju and the Blue. The economy would be down the tubes and economically both the United States and the world would go into a horrible financial recession/depression. Because of this more and more people would be jobless and homeless. So what do we do about that?

We create jobs.

How do we create jobs? Well during the new deal many of the jobs created were construction jobs or infrastructure work. Rebuilding America’s roads and working in the public interest. So the question is what can we build? The Kaiju war is different from most human wars in that the number of warm bodies needed to do the actual fighting is very very small. Sure we need a few hundred mechanics but compare that to the number of soldiers that died in WWII. We have to put all these people to work some other way and that’s where the wall comes in.

In my opinion the higher ups knew the wall project might ultimately be ineffective but had so many problems (poverty included) the project would solve they went ahead with it anyway. People working on the wall are people who aren’t depending on charity or possibly protesting government institutions. Its a solution that not only employs the destitute but it makes them feel useful which is a powerful psychological tool to have when the Kaiju can inspire mass hysteria so easily. Come be part of the wall! Do your part! This helps with the overall propaganda-esque feeling many people say they notice when watching the film. It isn’t just the art its the overall attitude of the people.

So back to those three R’s. The wall of life covers all of them when you look at why the thing was originally built. They go as such.

Relief- They build the wall and help relieve the pressure on the Jaeger program.

Recovery- After years of building the walls the hope is that the Kaiju will be kept out and the world can resume normally.

Reform- building the walls will prevent further attacks.

The funny thing is that the new plan did help end the depression but ultimately it would never have ended so quickly had it not been for WWII which is effectively what the Jaeger program represents. But that’s a whole different post.

Yes, the WWII parallels in this movie are strong, and not just limited to the propaganda posters!


One thing that I’m curious about with the Pacific Rim universe is the use and prevalence of big commodities: water, oil, timber, steel.

I wonder what the economic recession did to the suburban economy of the United States in particular. Can you still effortlessly commute to work with shipping in the Pacific ground to a standstill, jaegers requiring untold gallons of oil to be assembled, moved, and transported to battle sites, in addition to the wall being built and using cranes, material transport, and power? Can you still ship and import inane material goods that previously had come so cheaply from China, Taiwan, and Japan?

The power goes East, the money goes East, and maybe our cheap goods start coming from developing nations in Africa or South America (because importing cheap goods from developing countries is still less expensive than employing US factory workers, as depressed as they may be- because remember, these are people of the 80s, 90s, and 00s used to a certain privileged lifestyle- so it probably won’t be until a few years into the K-War that people wake the fuck up and acknowledge the sobering fact that the plenty of their adolescence is gone).

It’s actually a terrifying thought, a near-dystopian nightmare for my generation that paid so much to go to college, get degrees, get good jobs, and get the shaft, but even moreso in this situation as the US slides into a xeno-wartime depression). In this 2013, what’s the best somebody like me can hope for with the film industry at a halt, the service industry hemorrhaging with a lack of spendable income and rationing, and university’s probably shut down from lack of government funding? Well only the best and brightest or most talented get taken by the Jaeger problem, which means my fate’d be…. yep…

Working that goddamned wall.

You’ve covered all the things I was gonna talk about in another post! You brilliant bastard!

So my theory is that international shipping is going to come to a standstill. The oceans are essentially Kaiju territory. The shipping companies that are still operating can basically charge anything they want because of the sudden risk to crew and boat every time they cross the Pacific ocean. Right now I don’t think people realize just how much we.a. Depend on international shipping vessels…and b.Depend on imported goods from countries like China and India.            

When the Kaiju attack you can say goodbye to Walmart and the other big box stores because all the cheap goods we currently have are going to quadruple in price. Oil rigs in the ocean? Nope not anymore…we’ll probably have to depend on land drilling and that means the price of crude oil is gonna SKYROCKET. Nobody will be able to afford to drive anymore unless alternate energy like solar is developed to the point we can use it more easily. In the United States we have only one commodity like that besides timber that we can depend on and that’s Natural Gas. Once the K-war starts the environment is going to be DESTROYED by fracking to get the gas. The pollution from that will probably kill more people then the Blue.

The K-war would essentially kill the American consumer lifestyle.

Bringing up the fact that we are all people with blue collar jobs is also brilliant. Thank you crow. Yeah we’re all gonna have to start learning to take care of the things we have again…you know like they did during the depression. We can’t just throw something away and buy a new one. That means everybody is gonna have to be retrained in a practical skill. The people that aren’t working on the wall are going to work in the interior states to help with the food crisis. We saw in the movie itself that food is scarce. People are willing to DIE to get more ration cards. That is not the sign of a healthy society. We don’t even have an estimate on how much damage the blue is doing to our coastlines but I would venture to guess sushi will suddenly become something only the SUPER-rich can afford. Salmon rolls worth their weight in gold!

NO, NOT THE SUSHI. The price of chocolate and tea is also going to skyrocket, which is doubley depressing.

And the fracking perspective- phew- that’s even more miserable from my perspective being of indigenous descent. One of the biggest issues plaguing tribal and reservation authorities right now are land and commodity rights. Once the Kaiju War escalates do you think the US government will respect tribal rights in order to get at those last, desperate scraps of oil and natural gas?

And the blue collar retraining reminds me a lot of World War Z when Alan Alda the homefront coordinator is discussing the new world order of practicality. A rich tv producer is taught to clean by her former maid. Middle managers go learn to weld or sew or build. And one thing from that  connects well with del Toro’s world view is that the retrainees after a while learned to take pride in their jobs. Which is simultaneously dark because of the events leading to and around it and also optimistic and inspiring.
















In which Elle Woods is smarter than Sam Winchester.

If we are going with the premise that Elle will be better than Sam at anything she puts her mind to because she is just that awesome, can you imagine how awesome at hunting, or at least research for hunting, she would be?

Just the thought of Sam’s pout upon meeting her makes me giggle.

I want this crossover at least 90% more than all the other crossovers.

We shall call it Supernaturally Blonde.

Supernaturally Blonde. Yes. I want it. Elle killing demons with a perky attitude.





"You killed a tulpa by yourself?"
"What, like it’s hard?"

Can I ship her with Sam?


as long as she doesn’t sleep with him

we all know what happens to the girls Sam sleeps with


Sterek AU: Deputy Derek and the Sheriff have been working on a particularly hard case for a few months. This meant a lot of late nights working at the Sheriff’s house. Unfortunately for Derek this also meant a lot of time spent getting hit on by the Sheriff’s teenage son. Which was totally annoying and definitely not adorable, or flattering, or in any way tempting. Nope. Definitely not that.

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